Useful iOS Settings for iPads Used in a Kiosk

When Fotozap Booth is running in a public environment, you want to make sure it's locked down so that users only see and use the Booth app.   This is mostly accomplished by covering the home button of the iPad, which is a standard feature in our booth housings.  However, there are a number of settings on the iPad that should be changed (from their default state) as well.

NOTE:  When the iPad is provided by Picture Marketing, the iPad will already have the updated settings below.   If it's a leased unit, a mobile device management software or MDM will also be running on the device.  (If it's a purchased unit, the below settings will be in place, but it won't be on an MDM.)

All of the below can be changed in the SETTINGS app of the iPad.   This is usually found on the home screen of the iPad.

1.  Bluetooth: Disable Bluetooth.  This is the third choice down in the Settings app.  This is disabled to save battery life and because it is usually not needed.

2.  Control Center: Disable 'Access Within Apps'.   

3.  Display & Brightness:  Set BRIGHTNESS to maximum.   Disable 'Auto-Brightness'.  Set Auto-Lock to Never.

4.  General > Keyboards:   Keyboards > remove the Emoji keyboard.  


 Turn off all of the keyboard options EXCEPT Auto-Capitalization and "." Shortcut.

5.  Home Screen & Dock > Multitasking:  Disable Picture in Picture, Disable Multiple Apps.


6.  iTunes & App Store: Disable all AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS.   This is so you aren't getting pop-ups and internet traffic while the booth is being used by consumers.   You should update the Fotozap Booth app and iOS during down time.

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