Basic App Troubleshooting

If for any reason your app is having stability problems, please follow these troubleshooting steps in this order.

These steps can often resolve the problem. If they don't, please contact us at

1.  Upgrade to the latest version of the App

  • Visit the App Store or Google Play Store on your device. 
  • If you are not running the latest version, the store will give you the option to upgrade the app. Please do so. No images or settings will be lost. 
  • Our apps are continuously being upgrading and you should be running the latest version for the best results.

2.  Kill the app

  • iOS:  double tap the home button and then swipe up to kill the app.   
  • Android:  launch the recent applications menu, tap and hold on the app and swipe to the right to kill the app.   
Relaunch the app. No images will be lost, and you won't have to login again.

3.  Power device off & on

  • Power the device completely off. To do this press and hold on the power button until you can completely power off the device.
  • After 10 seconds power the device back on.   
  • Relaunch the app.

4.  Delete the app & reinstall

Completely delete the app from the device and then reinstall it.  
This will cause you to lose any images that haven't already been uploaded. You will also have to login again to the app.

iOS:  hold down on the app icon until an X shows up in the corner of the icon and it shakes.   Click the X.   Then, visit the App Store, redownload the app and launch it.  Note you will need to sign back into the app.

Android: Open your device's Settings app.   Tap Apps or Application manager.   Tap the app you want to uninstall.   Tap Uninstall.   Next visit the Google Play Store, redownload the app and launch the app.  Note you will need to sign back into the app. 

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