How to print wirelessly from an iPad with a data plan to the WPS Pro

Note that there are a few ways to print to the WPS Pro print server from an iPad.
The WPS Pro has an Ethernet cable connector in the back, if you are able to connect the WPS Pro to an Internet connection then you don't need to do steps 4, 5 and 6 below.

Step 1.
On your iPad device press the “settings” tab.

Step 2.  Go into the "WiFi" tab and look for a device that starts with ‘WPSXXXX” 

Step 3. When you find the router that starts with WPSXXXX select the device and the system should prompt you for a password. (DNP20153) 

Step 4. Once you’ve logged into the WiFi device press the ‘i’ icon next to the device.

Step 5. To achieve a wireless connection you must copy or write down the IP and Subnet Mask numbers under the DHCP tab.

Step 6.  Press the Static tab and insert the IP and Subnet Mask numbers from the DHCP tab on the IP and Subnet Mask fields only.

Step 7. Once the numbers have been inserted correctly into the static tab go back to the general settings area in WiFi and “No Internet Connection” should be highlighted under the device name. (The device must still be connected via WiFi)

Step 8.  Go back to the FotoZap Camera application and check the printing status on the settings menu. The 'Printing Method' should say "Wirelessly Connected to WPS Print Sever"

Step 9.  Take a picture and select the print icon on the photo review screen.

FotoZap Booth

For FotoZap Booth be sure to follow steps 1-7 before opening the FZ Booth app. Once connected be sure to check the printing settings menu on FotoZap Booth. The printing option should be ‘ON’ and say “Wirelessly Connected to WPS Print Server”. If you cant access the settings menu please restart the application and try again. 

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