Creating Attract Screens for the Photo Booth


The attract screen is what shows on the iPad screen when no one is using the photo booth. 

Attract screens (aka Attract Loops when multiple screens play together) serve a few purposes:
  • they attract people to use the booth
  • lets people know they need to touch the screen to start the booth
  • promote the sponsor
  • allow the consumer to choose between different filters/themes when run in Combo Mode

File Types

Attract screens can be a variety of file types:
  • photos (PNG or JPG), 
  • animations (GIF), and/or 
  • videos (MP4).
The Admin Site lets you upload both landscape and/or portrait graphic files which will show up depending on how the iPad is mounted.

Each graphic must be no more than 20 MB in size.

Pixel Resolution

Graphics should be the same aspect ratio as the iPad screen, so 4x3 in landscape and 3x4 in portrait.

The ideal resolution follows for each target device, but note that as long as the graphic is the correct aspect ratio, it will scale up or down to fill the screen. 

To run at full resolution, use these specs:
  • Portrait 9.7" : 1536 x 2048 pixels
  • Portrait 10.5" : 1668 x 2224
  • Portrait 12.9” : 2048 x 2732
  • Landscape 9.7" : 2048 x 1536
  • Landscape 10.5" : 2224 x 1668
  • Landscape 12.9” : 2732 x 2048
Tip: when running in Combo Mode, the attract screens for the individual campaigns, are displayed smaller. So you can create these at a lower resolution. Just make sure that they are in a 4x3 landscape or 3x4 portrait aspect ratio.

Combo Mode Selection Screen Layout

The Selection Screen can display anywhere from 2 to 16 different Campaigns as choices for the consumer. Consumers can choose between different filters/overlays, media capture types, or whatever you set up. 

These GIFs can help you visualize how the layout changes change as you increase the number of Campaigns. Of course, once only one of these would show up on the photo booth screen at a time. 


Downloadable Templates

Click here to Download Sample Attract Loop Graphics 60mb .zip file.
This includes sample graphics, for the background and attract screens. You can use these as is or alter to fit your brand.

To see how the Combo Mode selection screen is laid out as the number of campaigns increase from 2 to 16:
These links are Photoshop (.PSD) files that show the screen layouts from 2 to 16 Campaigns (the above GIFs).  

How to Build the Attract Loop

Please refer to the numbered labels on this diagram which are explained below:

This diagram shows how the Attract Loop is built. Here are the components:

1a: Campaign Attract Screen

You can load one or more graphics into a Campaign that will become the Attract Screen. 
Some examples (click to open):

To load the graphic in the Admin Site, go to Customize > [Campaign Name] > Booth App > Attract Screen & UI.
Load either a Portrait and/or a Landscape graphic depending on how the iPad will be mounted.
If you run the Campaign alone, this graphic will be displayed full screen.
If you run the Campaign in Combo Mode, this graphic will be displayed as one of the options on the selection screen as shown above.

1b: Secondary Campaign Attract Screens

If you load a 2nd (or 3rd) Attract Screen for the same Campaign, the graphics will cycle through on the screen. You can load, for example, a graphic like the above that identifies the media type of filter, and then a second graphic that shows a photographic example.  
This is loaded on the same page of the Admin Site page, as 1a (shown in previous paragraph).

2: Combo Background Graphic

If you run FotoZap Booth in Combo Mode, you should upload a background graphic that will appear behind the Campaign selection graphics. Here are two examples (click to open):

To load the graphic in the Admin Site, go to Customize > Promotions > [Promotion Name] > Combo backgrounds.
Load either a Portrait and/or a Landscape graphic depending on how the iPad will be mounted.
You can not load multiple graphics, it is a single graphic only. 

3: Promotional Splash Screens

Optionally, you can also load in extra screens that will display after the Combo Mode selection screen. See diagram above for how the sequence goes together.
A Promotional Splash Screen creates movement which draws the eye of consumers. It can promote usage of the booth as well as sponsors. In effect, these screens turn the booth into a digital sign. 
To load these graphics, visit the Admin Site and go to Customize > Promotions > [Promotion Name] > Promotional splash screens.
Load either Portrait and/or Landscape graphics depending on how the iPad will be mounted.
You can load any number of photos, GIFs, or videos that will cycle through before the booth returns to the Combo Selection Screen.

Additional example graphics/screens.



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