Customizing Online Delivery Options

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Click on the Customize tab and choose which campaign you wish to edit, then click on the Delivery Options icon.

Photo Page

From this tab you can edit how the microsite would look

First choose the background color.   This will be the background for your site and your HTML emails.  You can either enter an HTML color value OR use the color wheel.

Second, choose a banner for the top of the site.   Click the 'Choose File' button to upload the banner from your computer or device.   We recommend a banner that is 728 pixels wide.   We also recommend keeping it under approximately 200 pixels tall.  

Be sure to add a link to your banner.   This is the text field above the Save button.    We encourage adding tracking variables (Google Analytics campaigns, etc) to your links.   Depending on your account level, we can also provide full reporting on this and other links.


This is the HTML email that is sent upon photo retrieval.   Update it using the text boxes and see the live preview to the left.   The sharing icons share a link to the photo sharing site.  


This is how the text messages sent out to guests will appear. Update it using the text boxes and see the preview to the left.

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