Collecting survey data in the app


Some campaigns require that additional information be collected from the consumer at the time of photo capture, beyond just an email address. The FotoZap app allows you to fill out a web form as part of a consumer's photo session. This web form can contain any number of questions that have been set up for the campaign. 

How it works

  1. After capturing a photo and clicking the right arrow, you will see the ADD GUEST INFO area of the app
  2. Press the Clipboard icon
  3. Press the button to "Begin Guest Survey" and fill out the form that appears (requires Internet connection)
  4. Click to submit the form
  5. Once the form has been successfully submitted, click the Right Arrow at the top right of the screen
  6. You can fill out a second Guest Survey if there is more than one guest in the photo
  7. Click the Right Arrow to review the photo session and click the Finish button (you can also take additional photos at this point). 

What fields can my in-app survey contain?
The survey is determined by what questions are asked on the first page of your Photo Sharing Website. For example, some websites are set up to ask for mobile phone number so that an SMS text message will be sent with a link to the photo. Other websites can ask for full name, mailing address, opt-in approval, or any other survey questions.

How do I add the survey questions?
Survey qustions can be added to your website by talking to your Picture Marketing sales rep. 

Do I need an internet or data connection to use the in app survey?
Yes, to bring up the pickup page, you will need to be online either through wifi or the device's data plan.   You can however enter emails or phone numbers without having an internet connection at the time of capture for that.

When I fill out the survey in the app and hit continue, it always says my photo has not yet been uploaded.
This is normal. You are registering a person for their photo before the photo is uploaded. But after returning to the app, and clicking the Upload button to end the photo session, the information will be linked. So for example, if you enter an email and a mobile phone number into the in-app survey, the email and text message will be sent to the consumer only after you tap the Upload button on the capture screen. 

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