Using RSS feeds to push photos to and elsewhere

The best way to export a complete set of photos from a campaign is to use the Dropbox feature.

But sometimes you want to push images to 3rd party services that our platform does not yet support.

You can do this using the RSS feed which is updated in real time with new photos.

You can use Zapier a service called Zapier to push photos to a large number of external services. (You can also use the RSS feed to access the photos in ways such as through custom programming, other third party services, etc.)

Finding your RSS Feed:

Log in to and click on Photos & Data on the Results tab.

Then left click on the link that says "Click to get feed URL". 

You have to open this link in a new browser window.

After it loads, you can copy the URL from the browser address bar. It will have generated the private KEY in the link. Without that, your photos can not be accessed by anyone.

You can also create a custom RSS feed with the size photo or video you want, with or without branding. Go to "Campaign Photos" and then click on the small blue RSS button. Choose the appropriate dropdowns, and then click to "Generate RSS Feed":

Using Zapier to pull photos into

Once you have the RSS Feed URL, the next step is to sign up for a free zapier account at

Create a 'Zap'.  In this example choose RSS and Box for the triggers.   Select 'New Item in Feed' for RSS and 'Copy File from Trigger' for Box for the actions:

Connect your account or create a new account for your photos to pass into this account.

On step 4 paste the RSS feed you copied from

In step 5 choose the folder you'd like to pass your photos into.   Under File click 'Insert fields' and select 'Link' (this is the specific photo).   Under Specify File Name select Pub Date, this is so each file name is different and they are uniquely named in

You can then Test the Zap and then finally turn the zap on to get your photos.

To use Dropbox, the above steps are basically the same except you'll be choosing Dropbox from Zapier's list of Triggers.    You can also do a wide variety of other things in Zapier with an RSS feed, so explore and get creative!

Mac:  We recommend using Chrome or Firefox and NOT using Safari for the above process.

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