Setting Up: Marketing Panel Kiosk

The steps to setup the Marketing Panel Photo Kiosk are:

1. Add the 2 metal plates to the bottom section of the frame

Use the larger hex wrench (6mm) in the tool bag.
The 2 bolts are already screwed into place on the frame, so unscrew each one, add a metal plate, and then tighten with the hex wrench.
The bottom part of the frame can now stand by itself on the floor

2. Connect the top part of the frame to the bottom

There are metal extensions coming out of each side of the top part of the frame. Insert those into the holes on the bottom part of the frame.
If you want to secure the two frame pieces together you can use the smaller hex wrench (2.5mm) in the tool bag. The small screws are also in the tool bag.
For a one day event, it is not usually necessary to insert these small lock screws.

3. Attach the marketing panel to the frame with the velcro strips that are already in place

The marketing panel ships in the large cardboard box. Carefully attach the bottom panel, then the top panel. 
The top panel will line up with the metal mounting plate that will hold the ring light assembly in place.
In some cases, there is another pair of panels that attaches to the back of the frame. These are the same but do not have a cutout for the ring light assembly to be mounted.

4. Attach the ring light assembly to the metal mounting plate

There black rectangular mounting plate on the top frame. It should have a single bolt sticking up which allows you to hang the ring light assembly on the plate.
You can then screw in the other three bolts to hold the ring light into place. Always connect at least the bottom bolt to secure it.

5. Drop the 2 cables from the ring light assembly through the slot in the panel

One cable is the USB power cable from the iPad.
The other cable is the DC power connector for the LED Ring Light.
Drop them down the slot, and then you can pull them out of the half circle cut into the center panel right above the plastic box.

6. Connect the 2 power cables to the corresponding connectors (some kiosks use a plastic box, others do not)

The USB cable should go into the plastic box and connect to the USB charger.
The ring light power cord should also go into the plastic box and connect to the similar connector inside.
To open the plastic box, you should use the flat head screwdriver in the tool kit to pry the hole on the right side.
Note: In configurations where both front and back panels are used, no plastic box is necessary. Just connect the 2 cords to the corresponding extension cords and run them towards an outlet where the transformers can be kept.

7. Connect the AC extension cord to AC power

Once the 2 extension cords are connected up, you can run the AC extension cord to an AC outlet.
You can close the plastic box with the snap.  

8. Attach the iPad in the plastic housing to the connector and then use the key to lock in place

The iPad can be attached either vertically or horizontally. It will hold in place with magnets, and then use the key to lock it. The lock is marked with a number, and that same number will also be on the key. 

9. Start the software

You can use a paperclip from the tool case to press the home button through the pinhole in the faceplate. 
Do this to get to the home screen to connect WiFi, for example.
Then start the SB FotoZap app. 
Download it here


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