Feeding Campaign Photos to Tint

Automatically transferring photos from a FotoZap Campaign to a public social gallery is a powerful way to engage people at the event and promote consumer social media sharing.

Here's how to do it:
Log in to https://my.fotozap.com and click on Campaign Photos in the Results section and select your target campaign.

After it loads, you can copy the URL from the browser address bar. It will have generated the private KEY in the link. Without that, your photos can not be accessed by anyone.

Then login to your http://tintup.com account, and click on EDIT on the Tint you want to add the photos to.

Click on the orange RSS button on the left side. 
Then paste the URL from the previous step
Then check the "Import image from description" check box
Finally, click add.

As you capture new photos of guests with FotoZap and upload them, the photos will be transferred to your Tint Social Gallery together with any of the other sources such as hashtags and Facebook Brand Pages. The time delay before display depends on the level of service your Tint account has.

This is a great integration. It is very powerful to mix photos contributed by consumers with branded photos captured by your event staff. 

Other integrations are also possible. You can also do things like only pull in photos that recipients of a photo tweeted out. Since you can preset the hashtag, this can be interesting since people can participate in hashtagged photo sharing with a single click.

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