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  1. Billing & Account setup 

    1. Setting up a new account
    2. Download the FotoZap App
  2. Capture: FotoZap Booth 

    1. Using FotoZap Booth
    2. Setting Up: Marketing Panel Kiosk
    3. Configuring your iPad settings
  3. Capture: FotoZap DSLR 

    1. Using FotoZap DSLR
  4. Capture: FotoZap iPad 

    1. Using Fotozap
    2. Using Fotozap with Green Screen Wizard
    3. Setting up the green screen backdrop
    4. Collecting survey data in the app
  5. Data Reporting 

    1. Viewing your photos
    2. Tracking Results by Staff Detail
    3. Downloading leads and data processing
    4. Downloading photos to or
    5. Set up Google Analytics for your FotoZap site
  6. Delivery: FotoZap Scanner 

    1. Using FotoZap Scanner
    2. FotoZap Scanner: Printing
    3. Setting Up Air Print
    4. Designing your photo access cards
  7. Delivery: Printing 

    1. Printing from iOS using Printopia/Airprint
    2. Using your own printer with FotoZap iOS
    3. Using your own printer with Android
    4. Designing your print overlay
  8. Delivery: Social Galleries 

    1. Transferring uploaded photos to a Facebook Album
    2. Feeding Campaign Photos to Tint
    3. Displaying a Social Gallery on an Event Screen
    4. FAQ: Facebook Pages aren't showing up in the Facebook Albums dropdown...?
  9. Staff Invites & Training 

    1. Invite your Staff
    2. Questions From Event Attendees
  10. Website: Design 

    1. Creating your photo overlay or frame
    2. Customizing your site with our online tools
  11. Website: Domain 

    1. Setting Up a sub-domain or a domain you already own
  12. All articles 

    1. Creating your photo overlay or frame
    2. Setting up a new account
    3. Invite your Staff
    4. Uploading photos from PC or Mac computers
    5. Viewing your photos
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