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  1. Adding an external microphone to an iPad lightning port

  2. Adding Personalized Text to Overlays

  3. Airprint Printing from Fotozap

  4. Augmented Reality Masks

  5. Basic App Troubleshooting

  6. Changing Language | Photo Page

  7. Changing the sender "FROM" email address

  8. Collecting survey data in the Camera app

  9. Compatible Hardware - iOS and Android

  10. Connect an iPad to WPS Pro Print Server While Uploading With Cellular Data

  11. Creating Attract Screens for the Photo Booth

  12. Creating your image overlay or frame

  13. Customizing My Campaign

  14. Dates and Times Uploaded and Taken

  15. Delete/Reject a Photo in Manager

  16. Designing your photo access cards

  17. Displaying a Social Gallery on an Event Screen

  18. DIY hardware needed to shoot DSLR photos with the Fotozap Camera App

  19. Download the Fotozap Apps

  20. Downloading photos to Dropbox

  21. Editing Privacy & Terms | Adding a Disclaimer

  22. Exporting Guest Data

  23. Exporting images using the RSS feed (such as to Zapier)

  24. Facebook Pixel Set-Up

  25. FAQ: Facebook Pages aren't showing up in the Facebook Albums dropdown...?

  26. Feeding Campaign Photos to Tint

  27. Files not uploading

  28. Fotozap Scanner: Printing

  29. Hardware to Connect an iPad to Ethernet

  30. Pause between Video Shots

  31. Questions From Event Attendees

  32. Registering a new capture device

  33. Resetting your password

  34. Set up Google Analytics for your Fotozap site

  35. Setting up a new account

  36. Setting Up AirPrint

  37. Setting up Fotozap Camera for Android for DSLR use

  38. Setting up the green screen backdrop

  39. Setting up the portable photo booth

  40. Switching your microsite to your own domain name

  41. Tips for creating a cinematic video filter

  42. Tracking Results by Individual Staff Member (photographer)

  43. Transferring uploaded photos to a Facebook Album

  44. Uh-Oh | Dropbox stopped Syncing

  45. Uh-Oh | The Audio Doesn't Sound Right

  46. Uploading a Soundtrack

  47. Uploading photos from PC or Mac computers

  48. Useful iOS Settings for iPads Used in a Kiosk

  49. Using a DSLR with the Fotozap Camera app

  50. Using Fotozap Booth

  51. Using Fotozap Camera

  52. Using Fotozap Camera with Green Screen Wizard

  53. Using Fotozap Scanner

  54. Using FotoZap Share

  55. Using Screenless Greenscreen

  56. Viewing your photos

  57. White Label vs Gray Label Option

  58. [Video] How to Customize, Group and Assign Campaigns in the Admin Site

  59. [Video] How to View Reporting in the 'Results' Section of the Admin Site

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