Setting up the green screen backdrop

Here is a video explaining how to set up the pillowcase version of the green screen backdrop for use in shooting green screen photos.

Setting up the Green Screen backdrop

Note these images show a regular fabric that’s not chromakey green, but the process is exactly the same.

NOTE: Zipping the bottom zipper will take some effort (think packing a tight suitcase) and is easier with two people.   This is so that the fabric is pulled very taut and there are no creases in the backdrop.

Now your green screen background is ready to use!

Controlling onsite lighting

If using outdoors, be careful of placement in relation to the sun.  You want to avoid shadows from objects or the people in the photo darkening the backdrop.   You want a consistent shade of green across the entire backdrop/background of the photo you shoot.

If needed, you can use a tent.  Ideally it has sidewalls in place to keep the sun/light consistent on the green screen.  This includes the back sidewall.

You can also use lights for a more consistent light ON the backdrop.   These either sit on tripods on the ground OR are attached to the tent frame.

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